• Yudai Kamisato/Okazaki Art Theatre Lecture Performance
    February 9 - 17 @Yokohama, Japan


    A Haphazard Stranger’s Rough Report

  • Note

    I have been to many places for “research,” but I never decide in advance what I will see or what I will ask when I meet someone. Perhaps this unpreparedness leads me to find something real in the places I visit. I believe these discoveries help me to see the society where I belong with fresh eyes. I call this performance "A Haphazard Stranger's Rough Report". In this piece, I will talk about the Japanese immigrants I met in South America. With Asado BBQ.

    Yudai Kamisato

  • Ticket

    February 9th(Sat) to 17th(Sun) in 2019 @CASACO Yokohama


    2.9 Sat 17:00 (Japanese)
    2.10 Sun 17:00 (Japanese)

    2.12 Tue 12:00 (English)
    2.13 Wed 12:00 (Japanese)
    2.14 Thu 12:00 (English)
    2.15 Fri 17:00 (Japanese)
    2.16 Sat 17:00 (Japanese)
    2.17 Sun 17:00 (Japanese)


    *No subtitles (Performances on 12th and 14th will be in English)

    *Run Time within 120 min
    *Doors open 15 minutes before

    # Ticket

    *advance reservation only

    General ¥3,500
    High school and below ¥1,000
    >>TPAM Registrant Benefit: ¥500 discount


    23-1 Azumagaoka, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0033

    5 min walk from Keikyu HINODECHO Station or 13 min walk from JR SAKURAGICHO Station